Wellness, Massage & Fitness
Treat yourself to a moment of relaxation after an active day at the PURE SPA.



From the bio-sauna to the infrared sauna, from the steam bath with eucalyptus scents to our sauna hut and the Finnish sauna in the outdoor area – with us you will find enough sauna variations to relax and feel good!



Swimming pleasure in our spacious, heated outdoor pool with whirlpool function. Enjoy the soothing effect of the pleasantly tempered water and swimming surrounded by the magnificent panorama of the Zugspitze!



The modern sauna area as well as the cosy relaxation room are perfect for relaxing and gaining new strength.

Beauty massage in the leg in a beauty salon. Beautician giving a massage with oil on the skin.
Balance for body, mind & soul



For the ultimate in relaxation, we recommend you try our various relaxation and wellness massages and/or cosmetic treatments.

Cosmetic applications with galvanic current

Galvanic current is the body’s own current that can hardly be felt. Even the ancient Romans charged their energy balance with electric eels that possess galvanic current. The galvanic current activates the cells. Try it out and convince yourself of the result. Already after the first application you can see improvements.

Includes cleaning, peeling, cleansing, plucking eyebrows if necessary at extra charge, tinting, eyelash tinting, treatment with galvanic current, massage with final care.

Includes cleaning, peeling, cleansing, if necessary at extra charge eyebrows plucking, tinting
Eyelash tinting, treatment with galvanic current, massage with final care.

Duration approx. 60 Min.                             68,00 Euro

Includes cleaning, peeling, cleansing, treatment with galvanic current, massage with final treatment.

Duration approx. 50 Min.                             60,00 Euro

Acc. to effort                           from 39,00 Euro

Relaxation and Wellness massages

Duration approx. 90 Min.                             96,00 Euro

Duration approx. 35 Min.                             41,00 Euro

Duration approx. 35 Min.                             41,00 Euro

The Lomi-Lomi massage is a massage that addresses the body, mind and soul.
This massage can release blockages, free the mind and bring the body back into harmony. It is a full body massage, which is carried out with lots of oil. This Hawaiian massage is mainly done with the forearms and partly with the elbows.

Duration approx. 90 Min.                             108,00 Euro

The Breuß-Massage is a treatment for the regeneration of intervertebral discs, which can be used to treat minor malpositions that can compensate for spinal damage. In this treatment the spine is the focus of attention.
A “neck massage” can be booked additionally for an additional charge of 10,00 Euro and a massage extension of approx. 10 minutes.

Duration approx. 30 Min.                             38,00 Euro

Lymph drainage stimulates the removal of lymph fluid (cell fluid) and
washed out. A lot of liquid should be taken after the treatment. Lymphatic drainage is recommended for pain relief e.g. headaches, migraines, acne, swelling and stress management or simply to switch off. Gladly also in connection with a face care.

Duration approx. 25 Min.                             31,00 Euro

The self-healing powers are stimulated by the specific technique of ear reflex massage.
Also suitable for children.

Duration approx. 20 Min.                             28,00 Euro

The foot reflexology stimulates the self-healing powers.
Afterwards you walk like on clouds.

Duration approx. 50 Min.                             54,00 Euro

The warmth of the soothing, warm mussels penetrates deep into the body and additionally relaxes the muscles.

Duration approx. 45 Min.                             68,00 Euro

Cosmetic applications

Duration approx. 60 Min.                             75,00 Euro

Valuable ingredients like: Goat butter, wheat protein, olive leaf and lime blossom extract, jojoba oil, shea butter, Q10, apricot and avocado oil. Excellent and tested by the cosmetic analysis with very good and good.

Duration approx. 90 Min.                             85,00 Euro

Rounding off the facial care:
(Only possible in combination with facial care)

                                           7,00 Euro

Rounding off the facial care:
(Only possible in combination with facial care)

                                           8,00 Euro

Rounding off the facial care:
(Only possible in combination with facial care)

                                           10,00 Euro

General advice for health problems:

For health problems/restrictions, e.g. pacemakers,
Stroke etc. this application should only be carried out after consultation with the doctor.

All massages are relaxation and feel-good massages, which are performed on healthy people. Should you have any impairment, please clarify this with your treating doctor before treatment.


For your perfect balance
Fitness on holiday




Relaxed work-out with a view of the impressive natural landscape. Fitness on holiday can be so beautiful. Our fitness room offers you modern equipment so that you can follow your training even on holiday and do something good for your health in bad weather.

Look forward to the following fitness and training possibilities:

• Cross trainer
• Treadmills
• Cycle ergometers
• Rowing machine
• Lesser Connexus
• Dumbbells


Our opening hours:


Open daily throughout the day


Daily from 4 pm to 8 pm

Outdoor Pool:

Daily from 7.30 to 11 am and 4 to 8 pm

(Children under 16 years of age only when accompanied by their parents in the wellness area)